Waymo wants Driver to be usable in any sort of vehicle, Zoox says its vehicle is “truly revolutionary”…like the iPhone.

All three banks have established a foothold in the UK, but none have ever recorded a profit. Once the funding dries up, which will survive?

The self-driving vehicle holds a commanding lead on its rivals—but perhaps not for long.

So, is it possible Waymo will not be the Facebook/Amazon/Uber of its category?

Alphabet’s self-driving division was the first out of the gate in 2010 and has retained pole position ever since.

What’s more likely, transhumanism or light-speed travel?

The launch of new TV streaming services will not lead to higher levels of media consumption, regardless of the aspirations of these newly formed platforms.

Blizzard has been the king of online PC gaming for years, but thanks to largely self-imposed wounds, it could be unseated by Riot Games

In 2015, companies said self-driving cars would be “road ready” by 2020. Clearly, we are still a few years away, and we haven’t even settled on how these cars should operate.

  1. AI sophistication: In Axmacher’s post, he said artificial intelligence self-driving vehicles use…

  1. Permanent Flash: Flash is used by 95 percent of all champions. It is, for many, the only spell that cannot be subbed. If flash were available to everyone (similar to recall), it would create more summoner variables.
  2. Trinket upgrades: Players should be able to upgrade their warding tool at Level 9. This could include more slots for yellow wards, lower cooldown for red scanner, and further range for blue trinket.
  3. Alcove monster camp: A monster camp set inside the alcove would provide Top and Bottom laners with a neutral to fight over.
  4. Health-well: If a player is being shoved or…

The failure of the Toronto Quayside project makes you wonder if Alphabet is the right vessel for urban city improvements.


Analyst at Business of Apps. Previously RT Insights, Digital Trends, ReadWrite. Studied journalism at Lincoln uni, currently pursuing a Masters at Leeds uni.

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